Building with NUDURA concrete forms offer a variety of benefits to building owners once the structure is completed. NUDURA also offers benefits during the building process  providing self-builders and contractors with a simplistic approach to construction.

The number of storeys a NUDURA structure can go is increasing every year. In North America NUDURA has completed a 19 storey structure using concrete forms and have two structures currently in construction that will reach 25 storeys in height. So what if your not building that high?

NUDURA concrete forms provide many benefits for residential and commercial construction projects. NUDURA provides an ideal solution for the construction of basements, providing a dry and damp free area that can be used to create a larger living space. Not only does NUDURA make the ideal solution for basements, building to the roof line, has many benefits to owners as well, energy efficiency, better acoustics, flood resistance, air tightness and a long life cycle.

The building process with ICF’s allows builders to meet the needs of large scale building projects that will meet the design requirements specified. NUDURA protects the concrete which allows the building process to commence year round, in wet, windy and cold conditions. Due to the tightness of a icf building envelope, trades can have access sooner then with traditional construction, keeping the build on track for a faster construction process.



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