Check this specification with your local concrete supplier. Most concrete companies now feature design mixes formulated with mid-range water reducers that are specifically designed to work in insulated Concrete Forms systems. These mixes give better flow-ability of the concrete with reduced water content and more cohesiveness that assures no segregation of aggregate during placement.

The NUDURA Form units are manufactured using EPS (expanded polystyrene) and will enhance the curing of the concrete as follows by:

  • Providing consistent curing environment for the concrete
  • Giving excellent thermal protection in the cold weather and extreme heat
  • Minimizing surface shrinkage which is the cause of cracking in concrete walls
  • Controlling moisture loss inside the concrete while curing, which is the major cause of cracking
  • Preventing moisture loss due to air/wind exposure

Typically, concrete design strength characteristics and number of days at which the design strength will be achieved are as follows:

  • 3 days - the concrete achieves approximately 40% of its design strength
  • 7 days - the concrete achieves approximately 60% of its design strength
  • 28 days - concrete compressive design strength should be reached

Various methods of placement can be used depending on the accessibility to the site and the characteristics of the project. Other variables such as temperature, mix design, and reinforcing pattern in the wall may influence the builder’s decisions as to the technique selected for the concrete placement. Concrete can be placed using the following methods:

  • Concrete boom pump
  • Concrete pump
  • Crane and bucket
  • Conveyer belt on or off the truck
  • Directly off the truck by chute

For full concrete placement details please refer to section 6 of our installation in our Resource Centre


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