NUDURA makes the design process with the NUDURA System as easy and efficient as possible. Our BIM and Details Library offers architects, engineers and design professionals a solid foundation to start from when designing and specifying NUDURA. Now fully accessible online, getting the information you need is at your fingertips.

The NUDURA BIM (Revit) Library includes: 
  • Create 3D models of buildings and its components that will provide a better visualization and adaptation of the finished product design with the NUDURA ICF System.
  • A defined wall type for ALL five of the NUDURA ICF system concrete core thicknesses of forms catalogued both as unfinished or with all common exterior and interior finishes pre-applied.
  • Full NUDURA 'Type Parameters' giving the user quick and precise information about each specific wall type including hyperlinks to all NUDURA Brochures, Code Approvals Testing Reports and much more.
  • Repeating NUDURA web profiles and form stack overlays for Cross Section detail production for all five concrete core thicknesses of forms. 
  • Full BIM Object Models of each NUDURA ICF system form unit for visual spatial reference. Enables real time calculation of form dimensions and form wall areas.
  • Imperial or Metric Defaults Options for Importing to Existing Projects or Creation of New Projects from base template.

The NUDURA Online Design Guide Includes:

  • Quickly and optimally adapt your building design to work with the NUDURA ICF System and details our contribution to LEED
  • Over 400+ system details.
  • Access to industry leading technical support from NUDURA and one of our Authorized Distributors.    

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