People always ask what are the differences of an NUDURA house vs Timber Frame or Traditional UK construction methods? Advancements in home insulation are spreading into the building industry, allowing builders and architects to design houses that out perform traditional timber frame and cavity wall structures.

Building with NUDURA provides a variety of benefits over traditional home insulation. The need for more efficient and safer homes is important. A NUDURA strucutre vs. Timber Frame  will provide greater safety, greater energy efficiency and a healthier living or working environment.  NUDURA provides insulation with varying form thicknesses and with varying core thicknesses from 100mm to 300mm of concrete to meet any building type and or structural requirements.

NUDURA also provides greater safety in flood prone zones and provide up to 70% better energy performance over traditional construction by providing Thermal Mass. NUDURA lets owners and designers choose their own U-Values, offering U-Values as low as 0.11 with the combination of our U-Value plus line of forms.

Walls make up the largest surface area of a structure, so ensuring that walls have good thermal mass, low U-values, low Thermal Bridging values and outstanding air-tightness is extremely important, which NUDURA walls provide in a simple, uncomplicated building system.


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