The following NUDURA BIM (Building Information Modeling) Library was produced to assist Design Professionals in the building design process when specifying NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms. These BIM files have been created to work in conjunction with Autodesk Revit building design software.

The Revit Project/Template files are provided to give the Design Professional a platform of NUDURA wall types to begin the building design process. Each wall type is accompanied by a set of 'type properties' which give the user quick and precise information about each specific wall type. The project and template files also allow the user to transfer the NUDURA wall types into existing building projects. For Revit users who wish to have the NUDURA wall types available upon opening the Revit software, NUDURA has supplied a Revit Template (.rte) file.

The NUDURA 3D Form Unit Models/Families give the Design Professional the ability to view the geometry of each NUDURA form unit and manipulate the form to achieve any view needed without leaving the comfort of his/her office. Note: Due to file size, these models/families are intended for viewing purposes only and not for assembly within a project.

NUDURA has also supplied .dwf files of all 3D Form Unit Profiles/Families to allow users without Autodesk Revit to view NUDURA's form line-up in 3D. Autodesk has provided a free download of their Design Review software which gives the user many features for viewing the NUDURA 3d Form Unit Profiles. Please download a free copy of the Autodesk Design Review software available at the link below to view the .dwf files;

Autodesk Design Review




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