NUDURA Insulating Concrete Forms are stay-in-place forms that provide superior value overCPD traditional UK building methods. Our standard insulating concrete forms consist of two panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) that are each 67mm in thickness, U 0.24, and connected together with our patented locking web system that is made of 100% recycled material. To increase U-Value, NUDURA offers our U-Value Plus forms. NUDURA Insulating Concrete Forms are stacked, steel reinforced and then filled with concrete. Insulating Concrete Forms from NUDURA allow you to finish your home inside and out with traditional finish methods. Insulating Concrete Forms are also used in a variety of commercial structure types which include schools, medical facilities, government facilities, multi-storey apartments, and social housing. Insulating Concrete Forms have been growing in the UK self-build sector. NUDURA Insulating Concrete Forms meet and exceed UK Building Regulations. With the recent increases in performance demands by Building Regulations, Passivhaus, Code for Sustainable Homes, Insulated Concrete Forms are broadening into mainstream construction. Structures built with Insulating Concrete Forms from NUDURA offer long-term value and offer a structure that is airtight and built using modern technologies to ensure you get maximum energy efficiency.


An Overview of Insulated Formwork (ICFs) - A Permanent Solution

This seminar aims to cover:
  • An introduction to Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICFs)
  • Building applications
  • Code approvals
  • Installation methods

RIBA Core Curriculum

Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering

Knowledge level:

General Awareness


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